About ABE Massachusetts

The ABE Massachusetts Program is offered through the Life Sciences Outreach Program at Harvard University, which has an established reputation for enhancing high school biology education in New England through professional development programs for teachers and hands-on laboratory experiences for students.

Since 2011, the Amgen Biotech Experience Massachusetts (ABE MA) Program has established itself as a leader in enhancing high school biotechnology education by offering opportunities for high school teachers and students to gain valuable experience with biotechnology laboratory protocols, generating familiarity with a variety of important molecular biology and biotechnology techniques. We aim to strengthen the impact of the ABE MA program by harnessing our network of teachers and schools, as well as existing outreach efforts at Harvard University, the Marine Biological Laboratory, Springfield Technical Community College, and Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School. ABE MA maintains its signature three-tiered approach of "kit,” “reagent,” and “visiting” partners and professional development opportunities for new and veteran teachers with a continued emphasis on fostering community and ensuring a high level of comfort with the laboratory procedures and equipment. Professional development includes expanded opportunities for teacher collaborative sessions exploring ABE inquiry-based activities and integration of LabXchange into the ABE experience.

ABE MA Teachers