ABE site Italy

Map of the schools involved in the 2019-2020 edition:

The ABE training program aims to respond to teaching needs that have become unavoidable for Italian teachers, as attested by the fact that they have been increasingly emphasized in the National Guidelines for secondary school. In particular, in the guidelines for Istituti Tecnici (Technical Institutes), defining subjects have specific connotations in a dimension that is both methodological and exquisitively experimental, with the goal of enabling students in their fifth year of study to reach an adequate methodological and professional expertise that would also be useful if they were to decide to keep pursuing their education. Furthermore, even for Licei Scientifici (Scientific High Schools) the National Guidelines state the specific requirement for the teaching-learning of "biochemistry and biomaterials, structure and function of molecules of biological interest, with an accent on biological/biochemichal processes in today's reality and in relation to topical subjects, in particular those related to genetic engineering and its applications".

In this context, the Amgen Biotech Experience program is a perfect fit. The program features a hands-on curriculum of molecular biology, which has been designed to introduce students to the methodological approaches and experimental activities that are typical of scientific research and of biotechnology.

Being able to carry out experimental activities with students in school laboratories also represents a tangible occasion of real and coherent integration with the school curriculum.

ANISN has been selected as the sole Italian provider for the implementation of the ABE training program, which will be activated in Naples in tight collaboration with the Biology Department of the University of Naples Federico II and will also employ international cooperation with a consolidated American and European network of ABE sites, which have been active for about a decade in prestigious Universities and teacher training centers.

In particular, the ABE site Italy is twinned with the ABE site Massachusetts (USA) at Harvard University and the ABE site France based at the École Normale Supérieure of Paris.