Development Workshop

The Development Workshop is a non-profit cooperative established to provide contributions to conduct sustainable, reproducible and successful projects of all scales on the development of Turkey. Under the Development Workshop, there are workshops specialized in different fields of interest. These workshops are:

  • Child Rights Workshop,
  • Aging Workshop,
  • Bee-Friendly City Urbanization Workshop,
  • Contributor to Development Workshop,
  • Peace and Development Workshop,
  • Social Innovation Workshop,
  • Cooperative Movement for Youth Workshop, and
  • Education Workshop

As one of the projects in the field of education, ABE programme in Turkey is conducted by the Education Workshop under the Development Workshop.

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Development Workshop (Kalkınma Atölyesi)

Address: Çankaya Mahallesi Üsküp Caddesi Erim İşhanı No:16 Daire:14/1, Çankaya/ANKARA, TURKEY

Phone: +90 (541) 457 31 90






Education Workshop 

Along with the principles and values ​​of the Development Workshop Cooperative, the Education Workshop deem “quality education for all” as a key to the development of the social and human capital of our country. In this regard, the Education Workshop with its multidisciplinary experts and researchers is focusing on the following areas:

  • In order to scaffold local, national and international development through education, the Workshop conducts a wide array of educational field studies and prepares evidence-based reports that contribute to the development of national policy development processes.
  • To respond to the national and global needs of education, the Workshop establishes interdisciplinary cooperation and partnerships and uses state-of-the-art approaches to collaboratively conduct educational research and model applications.
  • The Workshop establishes a result- and benefit-oriented cooperation with national and international institutions and entities in the fields of education.

The Education Workshop, which carries out a wide spectrum of activities in the context of the above-mentioned areas, acts on the principles that all of our activities should focus on child benefit, provide realistic / feasible solutions and be sustainable.

For more information about the Education Workshop examine our introductory brochure.