Teachers participating in the ABE Turkey program have been empowered, trained and supported to integrate innovative biotechnology curricula into their classrooms. These teachers make a dedicated effort to instill a love of science and develop 21st century skills in students from diverse backgrounds. Continuously supported through professional development programs and up-to-date resources, teachers develop important skills such as critical thinking, questioning and ethical reasoning, as well as the ability to transfer scientific knowledge to students. Working in collaboration with ABE Turkey's partners, these teachers contribute to the dissemination of science and the strengthening of students' scientific thinking skills, not only in their classrooms but also across the country.


Support Provided to Teachers

ABE supports teachers around the world through high-quality professional learning experiences, access to a global community of practice and resources for practice. This support is designed to

  • increase teacher capacity to implement ABE effectively
  • Building field capacity to support effective ABE implementation in schools
  • To ensure that ABE students are interested and engaged in science for life

ABE provides opportunities for teachers to be both learners and leaders in their local programs and in the international field.



Amgen Teach Biyoteknoloji Programı Öğretmenler



Teaching [laboratory classes] in a secondary school is very advanced and the students love it. They are good at it and they are enthusiastic about science because they can do the practicals [ABE]. I think there is no substitute for practical experience.

- ABE Teacher