Online LabXchange Teacher Training was Held Within the Scope of Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE) Program

LabXchange is a free digital platform designed for science education. This platform, funded by Amgen Foundation and developed by Harvard University, offers interactives, interactive laboratory simulations, videos, articles and a variety of educational materials to students, teachers and science enthusiasts. By customizing their own learning pathway, users can experience scientific processes, explore scientific research, and become part of a global learning community by connecting with educators and scientists through discussion boards and mentoring opportunities. LabXchange aims to increase access to and quality of science education, creating an innovative and inclusive learning environment.

Great Interest from All over Türkiye for Online LabXchange Teacher Training
A total of 354 teachers from 63 provinces applied to participate in the training in order to get to know LabXchange, which is defined by its users as a useful, up-to-date, innovative, useful, necessary and free digital learning and communication platform that ensures equal opportunity in education.


LabXchange is a Free Digital Learning and Communication Platform that is Useful, Current, Innovative, Convenient, Necessary and Ensures Equal Opportunity in Education.

A total of more than 130 teachers from the branches of biology, chemistry, science, philosophy, physics, classroom teaching, Turkish and mathematics from 24 provinces participated in the LabXchange training, which was held online by the ABE Türkiye project team on April 18, 2024.


According to the results of the online evaluation form administered after the training, the participants stated that they were generally satisfied with the training, found the platform useful, and gave positive feedback in many aspects.

“It is a well thought out and implemented platform that I will use in my school and classroom without any hesitation. It has become a functional and useful platform in terms of being free of charge, providing equal opportunities in education, accessing up-to-date content, and tracking student learning.”

“It is a great free platform where we can create content. There is a lot of great free content we can benefit from there, especially simulations. It is very important for me to be able to access it for free from here because it is very important for the Science course. It is really nice to create a class and be able to follow the student’s progress.”

“I think I will benefit a lot. Of course, it is possible to access many videos or content on the internet, but having well-organized content related to our field is very convenient and time-saving for us as teachers. In addition, I think that it can be a solution to the problems we face because of seeing our students less often at Science and Art Centers, the institution where I work with remote access.”

“Creating a pathway using a combination of many platforms, free unlimited access, It is a great platform that I think will help you even organize weekly plans.”