Happy Birthday Mendel! Contest "Following in Mendel's footprints"

3 Dec 2022

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of Gregor Johann Mendel's birth (20th of July, 1822), the Italian Society of Agricultural Genetics (Società Italiana di Genetica Agraria, SIGA) is launching a contest called "Following in Mendel's footprint" ("Sulle orme di Mendel").

The project stems from an idea by the young members of the Next Generation SIGA (NGS) group.

A prize will be awarded to videos or images (photographs, drawings, video-graphics, or a combination of them) that represent Agricultural Genetics and pay tribute to Mendel, and/or showcase "Mendelian legacy", meant as the knowledge and work stemming from the application of Mendel's laws.

Contestants must surrender intellectual property of the submitted works in order to participate.

The deadline to participate is the 31st of December, 2022.

The terms and conditions of the contest, which is open to everyone, are available from: https://bit.ly/3OtNBAQ (in Italian).

For more information, please write to the NGS group: email genetica.agraria.young@gmail.com .