ABE at Fiera Didacta 2019 and on RaiScuola

10 Oct 2019
Fiera didacta

The ABE program was exposed at Fiera Didacta Italia (Florence, Fortezza da Basso) on October, 10th 2019.

Serena Goracci (Indire researcher), Anna Pascucci (ANISN vice-president and ABE site Italy director) and Valentina Noviello (ABE site Italy staff) presented the activies that ANISN - National Association of Natural Science Teachers is undertaking to introduce the program in Italian schools, through teacher formation events, didactic tools, research materials and equipment.

Anna Pascucci was also interviewed by RaiScuola about the program (IT): http://www.raiscuola.rai.it/speciale/fiera-didacta-2019-voce-del-verbo-innovare/2172/44802/default.aspx