ABE Australia Team

Site Director


Dr. Giselle Yeo

Giselle is a senior research fellow in the Charles Perkins Centre at the University of Sydney. Her research in the field of stem cell biotechnology aims to understand how stem cells grow and become specialised cells in order to develop new ways of manufacturing these clinically valuable cells. Giselle administers the academic content of the program and oversees the program finances.

Site Coordinator


Ms. Eugenia O'Brien

Eugenia is the senior science communicator for biology and agriculture at the University of Sydney. She develops, delivers, and evaluates educational and engaging science experiences for high school students and their teachers, with an emphasis on supporting HSC biology and agriculture students to gain access to resources and expertise to improve understanding. Eugenia holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Ecology and Environmental Science, a Graduate Diploma in Science Communication and a Bachelor of Primary Education. She has a wealth of experience in the informal education sector and is passionate about getting students excited about scientific phenomena and creating opportunities for real-world science experiences. Within ABE, Eugenia manages and coordinates all operational aspects of the program, including PDIs, kit loans, evaluations, and reports.

Site Technician

Dr. Carol Pong

Carol is a molecular microbiologist with a research background in the mobile genetic elements and proteins which drive the spread of antibiotic resistance in many clinically relevant pathogens. She also has extensive experience supporting undergraduate microbiology and biochemistry lab teaching at the University of Sydney. Within ABE, Carol is responsible for the management of the kit loans and the technical aspects of the program.

Site Technician - Dubbo

Ms. Melissa Whittaker

Mel is a Technical Officer at the University of Sydney’s School of Rural Health, based in Dubbo, Central West NSW. In this role, she works with the Academic and Clinical Skills Educators to support the practical teaching of the University of Sydney’s Doctor of Medicine Dubbo Stream program. In her ABE role, Mel is responsible for the preparation and distribution of ABE kits to high schools in regional NSW.

Technical Assistant

Ms. Laurene Leclerc

Laurene is a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney studying Australian tick microbiomes. In the ABE program, she and Morgan prepare the kits to be sent out to the schools. Outside of the lab, she enjoys ceramics, scuba diving and travelling. She’s also a strong advocate for women in STEM and is involved in numerous science outreach programs.

Technical Assistant

Ms. Morgan Bucknor

Morgan is a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney based at the Charles Perkins Centre and the Kids Neuroscience Centre at Westmead. Her research focuses on how maternal health during pregnancy influences the risk of neurodevelopmental diseases in children, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder. She works with Laurene to check and prepare kits that are sent out to the schools. When she’s not in the lab you can find her training at the gym or enjoying the outdoors!

School Engagement

Dr. Dale Hancock

Dale has over three decades of experience in teaching molecular biology to undergraduate cohorts at the University of Sydney. After her retirement, she joined ABE Australia as a school engagement officer, working hard to develop practical teaching resources for a range of student abilities, and visiting schools to share her passion and expertise in the molecular sciences. Dale is an engaging communicator who loves her leopard print lab coat!

School Liaison

Ms. Ren Tuttiett

Ren joined the Amgen team while completing her undergraduate degree in wildlife conservation at the University of Sydney. She is now a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine student and hopes to become a wildlife veterinarian after her studies. As administrative assistant for Amgen, she liaises with teachers, manages bookings, and assists with other tasks for the team. Outside of school and work, you’ll find Ren enjoying the outdoors on hikes and rock climbing, or cooking and playing music at home.